Thursday, July 13, 1995


Three indignant sparrows
sing so hard that the bush quakes.
Vultures spend a glad afternoon 
amid new mown fields and hay bales.
Those feathers caught up too soon 
don't bode well for flight, 
and grief is a found object.
My grandmother said, 
a bird flying into your house 
means a death in the family. 
Michael Hannon writes: 
happiness won't come easily. 
You have to fight for it 
every step of the way. 
I am a seasoned fighter.
But the lesson of impermanence 
is merely impermanence.
Every atom weeping into a folded wing 
and 100,000 corpses dance on a pin.

The poet's job is to bring the news 
of the unspeakable into the world.

13 July 1995
rev. slightly 17 Nov 2015

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