Friday, July 12, 1996

In Wim Hofman's garden, Vlissingen

I'm painting an India ink scratchboard of Wim Hofman's garden, in Vlissingen, right after the summer solstice. Wim handed me a white gessoed scratchboard, and a bottle of india ink. It was revolutionary to work with a white surface and add shadow and wash. Completely changed my relationship to the medium.

Wim, A circle of time.
It was 1996, the great California floods were 1996-97. Ashablift Wim.

Wim Hofman  I shall try to find it out. I have photo albums and also some copies of letters ( may be). But those things are in cupboards and albums upstairs (somewhere). Or my son knows it perhaps.  
And with Frederik from Sweden and and Monica from the U.S.A. Photograph taken by Maarten Hofman. (Who now works at Google.)

Wim Hofman's Garden, Vlissingen, Nederlands 1996. Approx 6 x 12" India ink on scratchboard.

from a Facebook memory, added 4/2016

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