Tuesday, May 17, 1983



Flying west along the path of the sun, 
a perpetual noon blazing on the ocean, 
occasional clouds, carpeted white against the blue—
I awaken from sleep with words 
slowly crystallizing in the conscious realm of thought.
Where do thoughts sleep?

Clouds forming vast mountain ranges at sea
Clouds forming milk skins across the volcanoes.
Tiny islands, mid-Pacific, land catching the clouds, 
a shawl draped over paradise.
All cultivated lands look the same from the air.
The vacant gleam of dark eyes:
the twin summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea
watching the sky for signs.

Oahu, HI
added 9/15/2016
slightly revised

1st typed version

2000 miles from shore
Flying west along the path, 
a perpetual noon, 
glazing the ocean, 
occasional clouds, 
carpeted white, 
against the blue.

Awakening from sleep, 
words slowly crystallize in the mind.
Where do thoughts sleep?

Clouds form vast mountain ranges at sea.
Milk skies spread across volcanoes
Tiny islands, mid Pacific
Land catching the clouds, 
emptying them of their burden of rain.
A shawl over paradise.
The vacant gleam of the eyes 
of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.
They spread their rock skin 
over the plowed earth
where it lies waiting for the seed 
and for the rain follow. 
From the air, 
all cultivated land looks the same.

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