Sunday, August 29, 1982

Napa Poetry Conference poems 1982

After a Galway Kinnell reading

The stillness of time, bones, 
hands filled by the harvest of want
There is time, still time for one 
who can groan, who can sing 
for one to be healed.

August 1982
Galway Kinnell workshop


Bone-kelp fingers of the dead
clutching at my ankles
slip off, harmless and beckon
to the breeze, lifting the clouds 
over the mountains. 

August 1982
Alan Soldofsky workshop

When writing, you are balancing language and experience. It's a balance between experience and metaphor there is little reward in poetry except a sense of posterity. Why do this? To try and write great art is to put everything into the line, and give up everything else.

August 1982
Alan Soldofsky workshop

Every bed is a mouth
That's what poetry is.

August 1982
Alan Soldofsky workshop

In the blue regions of afternoon
there is but one desire, for a boat,
a red reflection plays off the water
And it is a slow levitation of joy.

A bowl of dead bees covered with rose petals 
a green dream emerges from the rind 
of a cantaloupe and everything seems possible 

There is no need for narration in the poem 
the ravens will keep us awake
Only the force of brushstrokes
keep lilacs from the pathos

Lilacs against white houses
You can hear pain singing, it is not a song
it is hard to let go of summer 
remembering, then forgetting loss.
launched a lunch of raw butterflies

Bob Hass workshop Bantu Rhythms
August 1982 (also 85)

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