Tuesday, June 1, 1982



Give me an 0 as round as the eyes 
of snow monkeys sitting in hot pools 
on the island of Hokaido.

E's a hungry Pacman 
attacking the letters in front of them 
eating up all the other vowels in sight 

And U's are. the twin horns of the water buffalo
balancing the red Egyptian sun between them.
A U for Isis and Osirus.

Pyramids of A's buffeted by desert sands 
standing in memory of Custer 
And A's framing the camp 
as the Indians ride north to hunt.

I, the megalithic monsters of Carnac
with 900 stone teeth projecting skyward

I want W's. Double U's to hold up the moon,
the earth's axis, temples of the sun
I want W's swinging from cloud to cloud
Like monkeys in the temples of India
A place where Custer can take his last stand
Where Reagan can see his last redwood tree
Where Einstein can safely bend the universe
Where nuclear bombs can sleep for an eternity
among the bits of floating debris of deep space.

in class poem after Rimbaud
Guerneville School?
added 2/2017

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