Wednesday, October 13, 1982



As you rise up in sleep,
dreams and memory merge
like dove-tailed hands.

In sleep's imperfect flight,
the sum of our lives
enters a new waking.

Seeking night vision
a memory slowly approaches
in the shape of wings.
The mantle of stars drops
over your death—

lifts away from it,
& of this, you remember
how like doves,
her hands.

10/13/1982  (81?)
rev. 1988

1989 Women's Voices

Mnemosyme, a Titan goddess of memory, mother of the muses by Zeus
2. roughly translated, it means speak-memory

ASCII file was half gone. hard copy rools.
Such a radical shift from the first draft, almost a completely different poem, so I've posted both.  see MNEMOSYNE AUBADE

David Bromige rewrote the above version:

It comes down to greet you
and as you rise up, dreams and memory
merging in sleep
like a pair of dove-tailed hands
so the sum of our lives
enters a new waking
as the dream begins,
seeking like night vision
a remembering.
You can see them slowly
approaching in the shape
of doved fingertips
the mantle of stars drops
over your death
lifts away from your death.

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