Friday, April 18, 1980



As the earth unleashes its hold upon spring,
bees brush morning with their wings.
The eye gathers in clouds of apple blossoms.
Is it a woman's desire to wait upon the land
with the sound of the ocean filling her
leaving only the fish to nourish her
during the long drought?
The whale returns to the north, toward home;
she returns south to mate, to give birth
and to feed upon the krill.
There is where home lies.
Man talks in symbols.
He spreads sperm in damp wings.
The labial fire burns and dies.
Veins carry in the eye of the storm
and the coastline of the mouth 
is treacherous.

rev 7/1980

Apple trees bloom in spring 
and the mind's eye gathers in the blossoms 
that are also the strato-cumulous clouds 
collecting in the direction of Mexico 

Spring unleashes its hold upon the sun
and the sun releases thickened sunshine
the color of honey into the air. 
The earth grows heavy with the waiting
and bees brush the morning air with their wings 
Sunshine is the blood of bees, and honey,
plasma courses thru veins of plants
and runs rivers to the sea.

Woman is of the ocean 
rivers carry in the eye of the storm
and the rugged coastline of the mouth is treacherous

The whale is always returning to the north, 
towards home 
the whale returns to the soutg
also towards home to mate, 
give birth and to feed upon krill
There, is where home lies 

Woman is of the ocean
She lies mating with the land that thrusts
its fingers into the foaming surf,
the rhythmic pounding of waves against the thigh of land

She stands alone, waiting at the lintel
for a rip tide to release her from the waiting 
for the man who may not come home 
she endures the birth of a child
who will never come
the waiting of the quickened womb 
robbed of its seed —

It is her desire to wait upon the land 
with the sound of the ocean filling her senses
and the fish nourish her during the long drought
the steam rises from the surface of the sea
and a fog bank collects seagulls and frigate birds
these fish of the air lose their way in the pollen-filled fog 

Woman is of the ocean 
Tadpoles, like sperm; swim upstream with tails flagellating 
they swim towards their own metamorphoses
round bodies capable of penetrating both day and night 
along the timeworn journey thru water

Man spreads his sperm like wings 
as he covers her with his body 
and the belly of a woman rises up
like a molten mountain range
the labial fire lights the inner magna of seed
the earth pulses and quickens and rivers 
send taproots down to quench their thirst
on that long journey to the sea

What is exotic, is distance
the pulse of steaming jungles and coral reefs calls to us 
the lushness pervades, and perfumes the senses
we always want what we can't have
it's like waiting for those exotic places to bloom in spring.

I want you to feel our pulses beating in unison
roaring in our ears like rivers
during spring flood along such symmetry
to the moist path
a rain forest of pollen, musk, and honey
in our nostrils, in our mouths
as we flow to the sea with our flickering tongues like
dolphins at play
we are bathed in emulsion
in darkness and in light

but you feed me this nectar of our bodies 
it peofanes the air as we wit-hold our hearts 
and relenquish our hold upon this day

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