Monday, August 6, 1979



(in two voices)

It's their existence I deny

Maybe I really am getting old

Only well after the fact

Somehow it makes it seem all so valid

I prepare for their eventual occurrence 

That's the climax, the waiting

The event itself escapes logic

When they come i 
don't associate the 
falling off of stools 
for no apparent reason 
clumsy i guess 
nor do i comprehend 
the rattling of doors 
with the shuddering 
earth...oh it's the cat 
or maybe it's the wind 
on the 11 o'clock news 
the epicenter was in millbrae 
a 4.8 on the richter scale 
they have these marvelous 
machines that measure the 
earth's pulsations 
those machines its those 
earthquakes they do exist 
it can't be predicted 
when they will occur 
in the spring it gets hot 
it's the weather that gets 
muggy during april 
it's the waiting for the 
event, the eventual release 
of the earth's shudder.

Aug 6, 1979
(See Coyote Lake Earthquake. It was a 5.7. I remember that it threw me right of the stool I was standing on in Cotati. Makes sense that I might not have gotten the final strength right. Also makes it easier to date the poem!)
added 2/2017

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