Thursday, March 22, 1979


A leaf scuttles across the blacktop
on four tiny feet
and leaps up the embankment
where the full moon lamp post
illuminates the way

In the western sky the new moon 
carries out the aging moon 
in her crescent arms

The sword of Orion dangles at his side
the hunter and his dogs bound 
along the western journey
through darkness

Does his sword slice through the perfect orb 
of darkness and light 
making an even cut across its surface 
this equinox?

Do the days end nights 
dole out their essence carefully in spring?

Does Orion chase after the setting sun 
or does he hunt for something else 
only in darkness?

Does the new moon flee 
from the edge of his sword
with the encased egg of the old moon 
in her arms like a spider
protecting her young?

Will we never see the stars 
from the Southern Cross from here?

Why is everyone chasing through the sky? 
who brings in the day?

Spring Equinox, 1979
added 2/2017

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