Monday, June 21, 1999

Modern Irish Language & Culture; Prof. Joe Nugent /Breen Ó Chonchubhair

SUMMER 1999: Celtic Studies 102A, and 102B, Modern Irish Language & Culture; Prof. Joe Nugent /Breen Ó Chonchubhair   (Received B for 8 units. Not audited.)

Intensive Irish workshop-The language brought thousands of years ago to Ireland by invading European Celts remains a living tongue. We will cover the equivalent of  one full year’s instruction in the Irish language. We will learn to speak and write...lectures to place Irish in its cultural context..we will introduce you to the history of Gaelic—from its Indo-European roots, its role in the Troubles, to its present re-emergent state...& how it shaped the contours of Anglo-Irish culture.

Teach Yourself Irish—Ó Sé agus Sheils
Foclóir Gaelge Béarla —Ó Dónaill
Pocket Irish-English Dictionary & tape
Irish Grammar: A Basic handbook —McGonagle

Plus films and other readings in English and Irish: folk sayings, dinnseanchas, songs, poems, etc. Blind Raftery, Brian Merriman’s Midnight Court, Behan’s The Hostage (in Irish), Myles naGopleen’s At Swim Two Birds, An Beal Bocht, Maurice O’ Sullivan’s 20 Years A-Growin’, Nuala Ni Dhomhniall, Peig Sayers, James Joyce, etc.
Guest lecturers include Drs. Kathryn Klar, Daniel Meila, Julian Boyd, John Bishop.

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