Monday, March 15, 2021



So, who was your Uncle Jack? 
Was he gracious or was he a supplanter?
Was he a player, or was he a caltrops?
A game of jacks, a jack-tar, a sea dog, 
or a small pirate flag flown from a ship’s mast?
Was he a five pound note hidden in a deep pocket?
High Five, Jack's alive. Give Jack back his jacket. 
Give the man his dues. Did he jack you up?
Was he Jack Daniels, or a jack of all trades? 
Was he a knave? Did he make you cry uncle 
as he rode slipshod across your nightmares? 
Was he a diamond in the rough?
Jack of diamonds come with big news.
All jack of hearts on a Saturday night.
A spade of all trades, a dangerous club.
Was he foolproof, 40 proof, or jackshit?
Did he jack the car, taking it for a joyride?
Jacked up on a Saturday night?
Perhaps an audio jack come to steal your music.
If you can’t question the answer, 
or the outcome, then you don’t know jack. 
Hit the road, Jack! Don’t bother closing 
the barn door, the horse is long gone.

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