Sunday, October 20, 2013

Milestone Blogger stats

Wow, sometime during the rewriting and revision of eleven elderly bloggy-bits—mostly orphan draftsgleaned from Facebook from July to September, my blogspot counter rolled over from 999,945 hits to 100,000 hits.

Caveat: about 2000 of those Traffic Sources this last month are from spam trawlers (Vampirestats 1050 and adsensewatchdog 154 hits) that play havoc on the counter. On Oct 21, I had 1046 hits from spambots. That's a lot of spamminess considering my all time hits from Vampirestats are 1573. But it's undergone mitosis and there are now TWO. I foolishly clicked on the links. There'll be hell to pay.

Sort of like watching the odometer roll over. How many of us waited with baited breath for the magical number to roll over—all those paisleyed or maybe palsied nines becoming zero goose eggs all over again? The anticipation. I'm flummoxed.

Of course, I probably hit 100k ages ago, as the Blogger counter app info suggests that it was added ca. July 2007, according to Blogger stats. But I know it was MUCH later than that as I wasn't even retroactively adding old blog posts until the end of August 2007. Retroactive stats? But it's still nice to measure progress.

Not bad for 647 random posts with no apparent theme or structure. And countless more unpublished drafts in the wings. Once I aimed for 365 posts a year, and immediately fell off the wagon; now I aim for 100 posts a year, 104 would be two posts a week but I can't seem to manage that, so I've taken to lifting chunks of Facebook posts and resurrecting them into blog pieces. Sometimes it works….

I admire people who can manage to crank out a post a day. Some of my longer posts take weeks to finish. They're more like treatises—I know, that completely goes against the tenant of a blog post (500 words or less). I spend a lot of time revising—especially if there's research involved.

I still have many unfinished posts in the wings from 2011 and 2012, to resurrect. And 2010 could use some fluffing too. Stale work to do. TIme to comb old journals. I was surprised to find several poems I had missed from 2009, so my year's output is 116, and climbing. All poems are now labeled as poem, and have CAP TITLES. Huge undertaking. My head hurts. My head hurts.

I always try & post recent pieces as close as I can to original date. So many older blog posts get missed by the pesky web crawlers and spiders. That's OK by me. Vampirestats more than makes up for a lack of readership.

The purpose of this blog is to keep me interested in writing, and to stretch my boundaries. It's not neat, nor thematically organized. I began blogging in earnest in August of 2009 (and back-posted old material in 2007-08—I created it in January of 2007.

Though I began to blog a bit in August of 2007, the blog pretty much lay fallow for two years. That meant I had two years-worth of storage space for my old work. But there's also current work mixed in there too—especially the prose pieces). From 2008: November is Novel Writing Month My goal is to write a blog a day instead of a novel. (Plotless memoir). I only had 3-4 blogs written for all of 2008.

As for organization, at first, I was filing thematically by month, but not by year. That worked when I had 300 pieces. Now it's more than doubled. So I try and capitalize titles of all poems, and use the label feature—which I avoided for years. I add the word poem in the label so I/you/they can click on the word poem on the word list index to the right and see them as a collection—a mini blog. But nobody reads poems.

Now, I'm waiting for my Viking Redhead blog to hit 30,000. Soon, but not tonight. Why these posts are so popular is a mystery. At first I thought it was the Hot Posts app, but I changed it, and even took it offline, and it didn't affect the rating of all-time top posts. It's a blogger counter mystery.

Stats for my all-time popular posts:

Mar 23, 2009, 28 comments
Jul 2, 2010, 5 comments

  •               What's currently trending (hot blogs) are:
        I found this dated 8/20/2013: This morning, my blog hit 90,000 readers. That means there were 10,000 readers (or web crawlers) in the past three months. Now if only I could find the Blogger counter starting date. Sometime in 2010. I posted on 7/29/2013: And what are people really reading? All 86,203 visitors? Well, 25,103 of them have read my post on Vikings & redheads. I guess I really shouldn't be obsessing about posting a dearth of poems. Maybe I should be writing redheaded poems.

        Like I said, this format's no longer working. Clearly I never followed Guy Kawasaki's advice on  The Art of BloggingThis blog  is one vast slush pile. My blog needs a librarian.  I really don't want to move (and sort) all these pieces, unless there's another Blogger template with more storage options? Kill the blog? Suggestions? 
       Here's my letter of intent as it were. Back to the beginning. LITERRATA or Veritas and the art of Memoir Yeah, I know it says 1/10/07, and I may have written a little something way back then, but the brunt of the text is from August 2009 and later—Sometime between August 2009 and  NaNoWriMo (Nov. 2009) is when I vowed to write a blog a day. Well, that didn't happen. But that's how/when I wrote my Redhead piece during NaNoWriMo. It took me the rest of the month to write. The March post date is irrelevant.  I was still posting thematically. 

       CYBERNALIA 1/1/2007—this blog post was really written in August 2007, I had so much revised and new material to upload there was a logjam so I reorganized it thematically as I had created this site in January and then forgot about it. There was all this perfectly good cyberspace going to waste. Since most of it is older work being revised, it isn't date specific. I opted for the genre approach. It's evolving but Feb-Mar is early memory stuff, April is poetry month, May is USSR stuff, July is reserved for my MFA plays and monologues... then it's sort of calendar specific. I imagine it will keep evolving until I find an organic order. Drive the Technorati spiders crazy I suppose.

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

My "pageviews" on Dare I Read are over 50,000. Combine that with the LoveSettlement number and you have about 85,000. The stats started being collected years into the blogs so I don't know what the "real" numbers are. But I figure you've got me beat.

My goal is to keep the blogs doing and to keep them interesting. If that means the posts get rare, well, that's life.