Saturday, November 16, 1985

Poem for attracting wild money CPITS lesson

John tells the class, Write a charm poem for attracting wild money based on Marge Piercy's CHARM FOR ATTRACTING WILD MONEY Use three words per line, don't use words with money, repeat last line until something comes in your head, or changes your strategy.

Somehow I don't think this lesson worked for me. On the other hand, my first draft of TENGO DINERO is on the very next page of my journal. It took a couple of weeks to jell, but it's definitely related.

Money coincides with
means and ends
Can't stop what
ends, think of
the cactus mind
the mind's eye
Vortex of storm
Zing zing zing
Electrical impulses and
written expression on her
red and black socks
and plaid skirt
Like a fairytale
and I wait
for morning fog
to burn off,
all this red
Can we go on
from this place?

Try to write three
words per line or
use one image per line

rustling bay leaves
cat coated fog feet
a nest of hills
a narrow winding road
sheep eclipsed by rock
no more Carneros.

Green gravid fields gathering cinnebar
Cambiar black and red and green on white
white sheets and green fields.
Cover the bank floors with grass,
straw bedding for the animals,
bed down in fragrant green commerce
because there's no room at the inn.

Bright star horizoned above the vault
and Jack felt like playacting
when his friend and said
bang bang you're dead.

CPITS workshop with JOS

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