Saturday, October 10, 1981


Humming in a blue cup.
Don't worry.
Something flows up quickly like milk in a blue…
Don't worry. Yellow skin, yellow sky,
The sailors have all gone home.
These are not islands
dotted carefully along the jet stream.
There are mangoes in the air.
Suspended flash.
Soft pressure points:
Blue cups.

Blue cast of milk teeth
Puppy's tongue curled when the axe came down,
green mangoes. Tulip pedals crushed at my feet,
Purple dust of stamens covering my hands.
Poor circulation got him dead.

The axe was kinder.
Don't worry, mango skin.
Something flowing up
in a blue cup.

Neck shadows
Align along the spine like stars
Suckle on milk white pressure points
Quick, grasp the marble,
The end of a laugh.

Spinal curves
Uneven steps like layers of chocolate cake
Parched earth
Lizard heat
And the slow alignment of softer pressure points.

Spaces in between
Toes in trench
Yes, I…

added 10/16

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