Thursday, May 10, 2018

CPITS in class poems

I awoke to the clattering
of hooves on pavement,
the jingle of halter rings,
the secret whispering of horses 
as they cropped the moonlit grass 
still damp and glistening with dew, 
their coats, silken in the velvet night. 
The bright stars dazzle my eyes 
with their icy glint, and breath,
the scent of new mown hay
and that primal animal warmth
rises up to tickle the senses.

I was a wild child, raised by horses. 
I chewed on grass sweet at the knuckle 
and nibbled upon molasses oats. 
I pawed at the ground and whinnied
collecting my gait at the canter 
and hand-gallop. A pencil for snaffle bit 
a belt for surcingle, and ribbons for reins.
We believed we were circus ponies 
we pranced to invisible music 
and we bowed to an invisible crowd.

Ode to Stephanie 

Stephanie who always met 
kindness with kindness 
and anger with kindness,
her abiding love for animals 
carried her forth
until the day of no return 
that brought a deep abiding sadness.
The mother who died too soon, 
the fire consuming more than dreams. 
I remember how we
used to sneak into the barn 
with a box of cake mix
and water it down 
and slurp it up like a frosting 
our sweet tooth
making us petty thieves. 
And the time I got a pet rat 
a spotted baby,
my grandmother said No 
so I took it to Steph's house 
and we made a pact,
we kept it in a shoebox 
but it ate its way through
the cardboard to freedom
and one night it escaped
to the sweet beyond.

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