Sunday, January 1, 2017


Someone fired off a gun last night and I wondered if the bullet could hypothetically crash through our stucco walls. When Obama was first elected, people shot handguns off the balcony of the apartments next door, which was a crackhouse at the time. Guns. Not fireworks. Different sound/percussive impact.

What I heard NYE sounded like that. There were lots of fireworks, etc., too. Apparently East Oakland outdid itself NYE with various and sundry explosives! Mortars, anyone?

When I was a child, I was sitting outside near our road, in the setting sun, and a bullet zinged by me landing within six feet of me. It was deer season, and someone on Mt. Barnabe was hunting, that bullet traveled far! Where I grew up in West Marin, everyone had guns, so I do know the different sounds. Most boys had .22s. I knew the sounds.

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