Sunday, July 24, 2016

On Web Trolls and Heavy Breathing

Dear Ones,

I've received yet another abusive comment on this blog, this time from someone named Guls, which I've marked as spam and decided not to repost.

I find it distressing that on my personal blog page, why someone who has managed to publish only ONE blog entry on his blogsite (extraDimensionalDarkie) in the past five years, chooses to be a such a spiteful troll and feels the need to share it with me. (Whereas my blog's been visited at least 300,000 times—more than that, as I didn't have a page-counter during the first few years.)

Apparently I'm an idiot because I took the time to challenge a popular idea, then I had the audacity to research, and write about it, then post it without first checking in with him. Good to know that the thought police are alive and well and living in the outback-a beyond.

Speaking of idiots, Guls is also not a very careful, or competent reader, yet, English is clearly his first language: He wrote "why would this idiot bring up, Australia as having anything to do with the origin of redheads."

Wow. I never even remotely said that. What I did write was:
Scientists agree that red hair is more common among those with genetic roots in northwestern Europe, especially Ireland and Scotland (and by extension, Argentina, and Australia—via immigration and penal colonies). —Maureen Hurley, Viking-Irish Redhead Gene Myth

Who's the eejit now? Then Guls couldn't leave well enough alone—and went into full auto-erectile dysfunctional mode: his sinewy-tongued comments went from bad to worse. All I can say is that a penal colony is a place of confinement and punishment: a prison, not a penis—which apparently, is what he uses for a brain.

And then Guls suggested that I go and (ahem) blow on it. Yeah, well, I prefer to blow on a hot pen. Or maybe a pair of liar's dice. I guess my bio photo didn't clue him in that I wasn't a ginger-haired auto-fellatio sort of fellow? What a douche, or should I say, dildo? It seems Guls is trapped in a prison of his own making, and apparently there's nowhere left to transport the wanker. So he trolls the internet.

Guls did raise a valid point that the layout of my Viking-Irish Redhead Gene Myth page is atrocious. Sorry, I agree, but I really have nothing to do with that. That was Google/ Blogger's state-of-the-art layout way back in August of 2007 when I started this blog (but I didn't begin writing until 2009, I was a slow adopter). I can't do much about it now, not with the prospect of losing 1700 posts in the process. There are certainly more sexy web design choices now.

As to the layout of this particular blog entry, he's right. It is a right mess. But I cannot even get into the blog post in order to make changes, let alone, clean it up. I think it has too many embedded links. Durty HTML as it were. I have tried. But I can't repost the changes. They won't take. It crashes.

I never meant to write that particular blog piece, really. I found little nuggets that supported particular trains of thought that I wanted to add, and tacked them on. The more I researched, the more amazing facts and folklore I uncovered. It sort of happened, so I didn't have a floorplan. So yeah, organization is not my strong suit. I'm a messy writer.

I can no longer make additions or corrections to the Redhead post as it crashes Blogger. It's too bulky for me to edit—it crashes, or disappears completely when I try to update it. I've had it disappear no less than three times when I tried to revise it. Talk about blue language. TG for Safari cache, I was able to retrieve it once that way, and another time via the backspace arrow. Third time I got wise to Blogger's ways, and pasted it into a TextEdit document before attempting an edit job. 

As to the structure, I could delete the post, start over via copy and paste, but then I'd lose all 52 comments. So it is what it is. It is a popular post, such as it is, having been read 71,275 times. More than all my other posts combined. How many poets can say that they've had a poem read 70,000+ times? Hmmm?

I must admit that I am constantly amazed by how much interest there is in the origin of red hair. And by the erroneous information as well. This particular post gets lots of traffic (and some flack too from the red-haired Viking school that can't accept the fact that red hair predated Viking invasions in Ireland).

Truth be told, I grew weary of the piece, and literally ran out of steam.... As I'd mentioned, the piece came out of an email reaction to something someone wrote on Tim Ferry's Irish in California listserve St. Patrick's Day, 2009, and it expanded and grew in exponential proportions....until my head hurt. So I abandoned it.

Ironically, it was also my debut piece into the art of blogging. I began it during NaNoWriMo, and worked on it for days. Maybe even weeks. (Yeah, I know NaNoWriMo is in November, and it's posted in March. In those days, I moved posts around according to theme vs. creation date, which caused massive headaches when I tried to repost everything chronologically last summer. Woe still is me.)

I get a smattering of flattering comments on that Redhead post—some replete with hidden sneaky spam links, and a few downright snarky ones. Luckily I do have veto power and don't publish them. They're always signed: Anon! Except for oor man Guls.

I've considered turning off the comments on my blog. A few bad apples... That said, I do read all your comments, and I do try to write back. I have no idea if any of my readers ever see my comments to them, but I do value all of you readers. So if you've any feedback, I'd love to hear from you. Spare me the heavy breathing, though.

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