Monday, February 15, 2016

Charolais love

© Maureen Hurley 2016

At cousin Katie's ranch for Sinead's birthday BBQ. Kicked off two items on my bucket list. Another view of Elephant Mountain (really I want to go up it, but this will do). And going along the old railroad bed from McIsaac' s Ranch to Pt. Reyes Station, we did almost the entire middle route. I'm over the moon. The cows were very glad to see us. They thought we brought hay. But they have an entire hillside of grass to eat. Katie's new Charolais is about to give birth at the foot of Elephant Mountain. Very friendly. She wanted to lay her head in my lap. I was in the back of a four-wheeler. Isn't she a beauty? And she has grey eyes!

Brand new camera!

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