Monday, December 14, 2015

Sendoff for Whitman McGowan

Wild frenetic dreams all last night, I think Whitman was very much with us yesterday at the memorial. He was certainly in my head. I gave up on trying to sleep. Middle Aged Dub...

I just met Pasha DeSaix yesterday at Whitman's memorial! All this time I thought she was a man. LOL. We're now FB friends. She knew my mom, and said she was just thinking of her a few days ago. I told her that she had given my mom a n audio tape, Leonard Cohen's 10 New Songs, and after my mother died, I played it incessantly. Thanked her for the unintended gift from so many years ago.

Blue Dawg, we sent you off nicely at the Presidio. I love you always, and I met Pasha! My mother was dancin', dancin', singing White Folk was Once Wild too.

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