Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Note on my Writing Lifted by Other Websites

I sometimes stumble upon bits of my blog posts on other websites, with no credit. If I can find a link, I will write to the offender, and usually they'll make a link back to my site, etc. But there are some websites where there is no way to reach out to the plagiarist.

One Hollywood-type, a reality TV producer's assistant, Tinsley, lifted my massive post on Chilean miners, and posted the entire piece on her Tumblr blog (all gone now), apparently, because she was "very liberal," she was also very liberal with my post.

Many of my enraged friends bombarded Tinsley's site, and she took it down. I called it my Tinsleygate. I wouldn't have cared if she had at least asked me, published a portion of it with quotes, then made an obvious link back to my blog. But she didn't do that. She was getting all the traffic and kudus as if she had written it. Thing is, I was still revising it (I revise a lot), when she snagged one iteration of it...

Tinsley later apologised, see her letter at the bottom of my Chilean Miners post. She back-pedalled a bit, to say the least. Rather than just use bits of my piece, or give me credit, she took it down. I guess we took her down when she realized the legal implications between the concept of "fair use," and copyright infringement.

Borrowing a few lines is considered to be fair use (for educational purposes only) under the copyright act.

Someone also lifted my Black Bart story, but a few emails later, it was resolved nicely...a Dutch fellow interested in old firearms, used my story to illustrate his antique gun collection. Turns out he just really, really liked my story.
black bart - Dutch‎ Het origineel is te vinden op html. This article is not mine, but found on the internet. It is written by Maureen ...
  1. Another nefarious sort lifted my entire interview and photo of Jim Dodgethen posted it on his own blog, zoran rosko vacuum player with no link or mention. Grrr. I guess the word vacuum explains it all. I was able to leave a comment:
    Maureen Hurley7/29/11, 5:19 AM If you're going to lift my entire blog post and repost it here, please at least use my name and offer a back link to it. BTW, you're also breaking copyright.
    Maureen Hurley
At the time, I thought there was no legal recourse for me. I've never resorted to legal means, but in each case, no one was actually making money off my pieces. To be fair, Zoran Rosco did remove my photo, and credited my work to a literary blog I belonged to, RedRoom, as the author. But not to me.

However, if you find your work appearing on other sites, do check out this helpful post from the National Writers' Union, Are Websites Stealing Your Work? There are some great links at the bottom of the post. (And see my links at the bottom of the page.)

An architectural magazine in Australia followed proper blog etiquette when they ran one of my blog pieces, but they contacted me first and asked permission. (Can't find the link.)

A couple of blokes delving into brewing a heady quaff, did source me (not sure why!) for my bit on St. Patrick & Annals of the Four Masters. Cheers! I'll drink to that. Moor: Dining and Dwelling Part 4

This particular link is more of a tribute, than a theft, but it's done right. A synopsis, and a link back to me.  The Hall of Heorot:  Literrata: Olaf the Peacock's Irish Mother Which, in turn, was a reblog from Ireland's Eye on Myth, from Nov. 30, 2013. And also in Fuck Yeah Vikings and Celts! (But I couldn't find the post. OK, so I'm a little late to the party.... three years later. I't not like I have a huge following,  "This domain listed #3 054 178 number in the world.")

Maybe I should Google myself more often than once every five years. I also found this BOOK! entry on my Tiki Junction piece. It looks like a bibliography.
The Tender Soldier: A True Story of War and Sacrifice - Google Books Result M. Gezari - ‎2014 - History
See also Price, “Barney West Famous for Tricky Tikis,” and “Tiki Junction, Sausalito,”, accessed ...


Glenn Ingersoll said...

If anybody's ever lifted my writing I don't know about it. Oh, yeah, there was that one time somebody copied a haiku onto their blog (from a haiku website where it was pub'd); they linked back and gave credit. So. At least once, then.

Maureen Hurley said...

Hi Glenn,

For some reason Blogger sometimes ships your comments off to Comments Awaiting Moderation land, and I stumble upon them later. Sorry about that. Yeah, it's the stuff that people don't link back to us that's well and truly stolen, and impossible to track down, except by accident.

Or maybe this was a duplicate comment? Sometimes I get double comments from people. A Blogger booger? Is Google a Gemini?