Friday, March 6, 2015



Chestnut-backed chickadee
viciously dukes it out 
with his own reflection 
headbanging his beak
in 4/4 time, day after day, 
chattering a storm of outrage, 
with his mate in the sidelines,
egging him on to drive 
that cheeky impostor off
so they can just get down 
to the business at hand.

He's so exhausted from fighting
I scoop him up and hold him
in the hollow of my hand
giving him a "time out"
but as soon as I release him
he's back at the mirror
banging away in a frothy rage
at his doppelganger
his mate, a grass widow, waits
for a time that will never come.


This little headbanger exhausted himself attacking his image in the mirror the entire afternoon. Apparently my outside mirrors have captivated the two of them. They were headbanging like rockstars last year. He fell down between the pillows, panting, still he wouldn't give up. The top of his head's even dented. So I cupped him in the hollow of my hand to give him a "time out" until he calmed down. When I let him go, he went right back attacking his image until dusk drove his demons off. He plans to win that battle with his reflection. Meanwhile, I fear for his beak. Surely he must have the headache from hell.

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