Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I was a kindergarten dropout.
I followed the other kids home.
I had bus issues and school nightmares.
I was always hungry, and not just for food.
I was painfully shy. Awkward.
I could eat like a horse, and often did.
It was as if I was trying on 

different families for good measure.
Am I excused from the table yet?

added 2017

Donna Champion asked me to reveal seven little-known facts about myself, I wrote a bloggybit based on a (weather) thread below that went south. I'm always surprised to see where a sentence will travel. Or unravel. And am usually the last to know what it means. Meanwhile, did I uncover a week's worth of facts, a prime number's worth. Dunno but here it is, warts and all. There's no rest for the writers...

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