Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Oh how you've betrayed me,
you who've carried me across deserts,
and led me up mountains, zigzagging
Continental Divides, and divides of the heart.
You have brought me to my knees
in the face of beauty. Call it meadow,
call it mountain, island,
or where volcano meets the sea.
Because of you, I have stood
before the face of beauty.
None of this one foot in front of the other nonsense.

You have been my loyal servants, my dimpled twins
but the world was meant for wandering.
We have scaled the heights of Machu Picchu,
we've frogkicked in the Galapagos with sea lions,
and trudged through the snows of all the Russias.
Always your were there for me, scaling Mt. Whitney,
you even went up Half Dome twice—
What was I thinking? The first time was bad enough.
You were always in supple benediction,
even in the face of adversity. On bended knee.

You guided my horses in dressage movements,
you gripped myriad lovers with a fierce passion,
you danced your way across the stages of time,
you genuflected in front of the wonders of the world,
taking me to the open trails of the heart
leading me to poetry, and beyond. To find myself.
I never thought to the future. What you were thinking?

Bot now you just want to kick back and rest,
commiserate with pain, taking turns, convalescing,
so that I am fairly hobbled to this static place,
but the Camino is waiting. Always waiting.
Ah, but the mind, it travels, it travels unfettered
by the banalities of frayed ACLS and shaved meniscii,
or unadorned patella, and bone grating against bone.
Such exquisite pain you've brought me.
Ode to my knees sidestepping the ravages of time.
There is no replacement for you.

Our Stories- Creativity, Writing and Storytelling for Educators class at Alameda County Office of Education, Aimee Suzara, instructor

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