Friday, December 12, 2014

Knee Therapy

Today, my knee doctor gave me double injections of steroids for pain, thus causing me even more pain. I threatened to slug him, and then nearly passed out. It felt like I was sucker-punched in the stomach. Burning hole. Like a case of the bends. Then I was head-spinning and frog-barking. Corker burps that a 12-year-old boy would turn green with envy to be able to pull off in public. Nothing quite like a case of the pre-heaves. All the frogs were answering me back in the parking lot. It was raining like hell. Pineapple Express. Atmospheric river. How deep is the water? Knee-deep said the frogs. So much for running errands afterwards. I was entertaining a chorus of millions.


Like a spring peeper on steroids. As soon as the pain stops, I'll be free from pain for about 3 months. Still resisting the notion of a knee replacement. Wearing a knee brace isn't the answer. I did a doozy of a faceplant in Rocky National Park, on the Ute trail. My nose, especially. I miss not being able to hike.

Synvisc sounds familiar. My knee doc said he's so fed up w/ insurance repeatedly not granting approval for the shots, so he gave them to me anyway gratis, said he didn't care if he didn't get paid. It was ridiculous, he said to leave me in constant pain, to save a couple of bucks. I did nearly slug him, though when he injected the knee I had surgery on. Exquisitely deep pain. And my prose was definitely purple.

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