Wednesday, November 5, 2014


1. The animal inside me
is a horse of names
a horse of night,
a horse of the sea and stars
galloping on the strand
the sea suckling at my hooves
wanting to drag me down to the depths
but I was born of the air
and the air is my savior
those birds on the horizon
calling me to lift off and take flight.
To trust them. To trust the air.

2. I am the Saggita,
the archer and the bow,
the arrow and the flame,
the hunter and the hunted.
I was born straddling the feast
of Thanksgiving, sometimes
it comes before, sometimes after,
the shifting of days and weeks,
a movable feast & founding fathers.
Old apples in the new world.


2. What would be you as an animal, develop this HORSE animal metaphor. Totem, familiar.

Our Stories- Creativity, Writing and Storytelling for Educators class at Alameda County Office of Education, Aimee Suzara, instructor

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