Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Horse Totem

Of course I chose the horse as my totem animal. I always do. All my life, horses were always at the center. I rode friends’ horses, neighbors’ horses, horses no one else would ride. I was bitten by the dreams of horses. A tattoo of hooves on the pavement, moonlit escape, horses running wild, sparks flying from their hooves, fired my imagination. I was an incurable romantic, loved everything to do with horse from eohippus to equus caballus. They were my escape from this world. Nick Kobseff, who owned the Rancho Nicasio, and my aunt Canice rescued a horse from the glue factory. She was skinny and old but she was mine. We rode her bareback, sometimes three abreast. Chiquita Banana. When she died, a neighbor bought me a sorrel mare, bred for the track, with bad knees, but she was the fastest horse in the north country. No one could beat us. We flew like the wind. There was that point where she ran so hard, it was like riding a barrel. It was all I could do to stay astride. Life was like that: barely holding on. A handful of mane. And air. When she died, it was like my wings had been clipped but I was also freed of the responsibility of feeding such hungry mouths. I was done with such childish things. The world beckoned and I followed new roads. But sometimes I still dream of horses running wild down the streets at night.


Skim at the Metaphor reading and consider what animal or insect represents you as an educator and you as an artist. Is there one you can select that embodies both?

Our Stories- Creativity, Writing and Storytelling for Educators class at Alameda County Office of Education, Aimee Suzara, instructor

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