Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Garden freewwrite

IMAGERY freewrite

The wooly thyme still suffering from the drought, pulls in and conserves, doesn't quite trust that last rain. The decorative cabbages, newly planted, are frilly dancers in tutus awaiting a cue. The orchestral soil is dark as night, secret loam, full of life-giving nutrients, rises up in hillocks to greet the sky, the concrete barrier contains it but does not hold it. Pansies and sweet alyssum bloom, though the season for blooming, is a half-year gone. A lone dragonfly searches for ponds, or hidden water, any water will do. The moss between the pavers, takes advantage of the colder nights, and the meager rains, to resurrect verdant pathways. Red and green: it vibrates in complimentary hues, as if waiting for the sun.


IMAGERY Nov 12 from Our Stories- Creativity, Writing and Storytelling for Educators class at Alameda County Office of Education, Aimee Suzara, instructor

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