Saturday, October 11, 2014


Found Poems

and the majesty of an idea
being equal and entitled
shines through
the latter is the impact of segregation
It struggles to make an intellectual adjustment
greater will be the impact to this country's honor
to dissolve the political bands
to assume the powers of the earth, 
separate and equal
The laws of nature
entitled them to the opinions
which impel these truths.

Arlen's workshop

That all are endowed 
with unalienable rights 
life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
It becomes distractive to these ends
To alter or abolish the foundation. 
Such form, most likely
should not be changed for light 
it causes sufferable forms 
of evidence, and evinces a design 
of patient sufferance 
which constrains them to the end.

so much word soup, legal language didn't quite float my boat, but it was fun coloring out the words we didn't want to keep.

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