Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Alan Watts, early 1970s, Everett Collection, Brain Pickings

 —The only way to make sense out of change 
         is to plunge into it, move with it, 
         and join the dance.Alan Watts

When I was a child, I swear
Alan Watts was older than dirt.
Now from a photo, he gazes out 
looking younger than I am today. 
Sausalito in the good old days, 
when Varda lived on the old ferryboat 
and nailed his paintings to the walls, 
& from the captain's cabin,
Alan danced at the helm,
with his seadog legs braced
against the raging '50s tide, 
steering the '60s into oblivion.

With special thanks to Maria Popova, whose scintillating blog Brain Pickings, inspired this piece. If you don't know about Brain Pickings, you're in for a real treat. Mind candy.

LOL, I thought vampire stats & Technorati web crawlers had attacked my blog, this post got 500 hits—Come to find that Maria tweeted a link. I am grateful to all of you for stopping by. I'm lucky to get 20 hits on a poem.

♡ After reading a Brain Pickings article about Alan Watts (), a woman wrote this beautiful poem

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