Friday, June 13, 2014


                               —for Katelin Stuart

It seems I've gotten a jumpstart on Friday the 13th.
Backing out of the old narrow garage, 
built in the days of carriages and Model Ts,
requires a subtle skill set in order to park
without tearing the side mirrors off the car.
Something I've managed to do for 13 years.
But a freak wind gust slammed a carriage door 
into my left side rear view mirror,
breaking it clean off off at the door frame. 
No hope of properly fixing the plastic housing
so I jimmied it with duct tape and kite string.

Then, while driving back into the garage, 
apparently I didn't get the first lesson of the day.
Another stealthy gust, & the other carriage door 
thunderously smacked the passenger mirror off. 
So, I can't see what's behind me—literally.
Now I'm afraid of what will happen if I look up
through the inside rear view mirror. 
Perhaps the roof will fall on me.
A friend reminds me that at least
I still have a rear view mirror.
For a while, the car thieves had it.
I should consider myself lucky.
At least neither mirror broke.

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