Monday, June 2, 2014

Got my car back, but the starter's dead....

Back from the north countries, my replacement FasTrak arrived, but I'm still carless. Waiting for a new ignition. Vroom! Ignition replaced, but OUCH! There's a $250 deductible. Waiting for hoodlatch cable. Thieves done busted it trying to steal the battery. Now the battery's no good. OK, the gift that keeps on giving.

Thieves ran the battery down to the ground—it didn't hold a charge overnight. Got stuck trying to popstart it from garage....missed my class. AAA came, said it was toast. Got a new battery for cheaper than Automall right from AAA. Some grace.
I'm finding bits of car parts on the floor.

6/3 Got my car back from the mechanic. Wasn't expecting to feel quite so sucker-punched. Think I need to smudge my car to chase out the bad juju. Thief left radio on a rap station, startling me. Thief's handprint on the passenger door. A haunted presence.. How can an inanimate object feel so sullied, violated? Trying hard to disengage my anthropomorphism...

Yes, I'm washing the car, inside and out. Maybe even smudging it with sage. Am I being too Marin? Bloody thief left my life in a shambles. At least I got the car back. And most of my art supplies. That's something.


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