Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Caught my electronic solitaire game cheating

Caught my electronic solitaire game cheating red-handed (er, red-carded)—again. It was bogarting—it had a 7 of spades up its sleeve. And the app designer wants me to review it? It CHEATS! Should I shoot it, or the screen?

While waiting for slow pages to load on my browser, instead of staring at the spinning beachball, I play a rousing hand of cards. Yes, ATT DSL is that slow... It caused my browser to hang and go white as I was writing a post on Blogger, I lost an entire post. So much for auto-save.

I had loaded all photos, made hotlinks, etc. It should've been auto-saving. The only thing that was saved was the photo. Writing ofline, yes, I used to do it— but the immediacy and lining up the HTML, readying it, are all part of the process. I'm not dong simple word-processing. If I suspect it'll crash, then I tend to copy to clipboard before I upload. This was a weird blanking of all fields. Never stood a chance. 

Google fail. ATT fail. App fail. But hey, it's raining! My laundry is getting an extra special soft rain rinse.

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