Monday, February 3, 2014

Post knee surgery recovery saga

A friend, Katelin asks: How does the knee feel? Tell me it's healing and you are doing okay!

I had my first physical therapy today. I was actually was able to walk without gimping. They did electrical stimulation—muscle groups, 10 minutes on the bike—I went from not being able to do a complete wheel rotation to full pedal in 5 minutes.

I can feel some tearing, then they iced me. Now I have almost all my flexion back—I can almost bend my knee fully. Feeling queasy after PT, though. Barfy.

Finally I am completely off pain meds—just time-release Motrin. Tramadol was way better than Oxycodone. In general, the side effects were so awful, I couldn't wait to stop taking them. Skilled barfing with the big O, and nausea with Tramodol. Guess I'll never become a drug addict.

Therapy is cruel to be kind, scar tissue needs to be torn in increments or you'll lose mobility. And I have keloid scars. Definitely feeling a little queasy now.

Gawd, to be able to walk a mile. Today I had no crutches, no knee brace, I felt almost naked!  The worst part  of surgery is the lingering cloud in your head, mostly from the drugs and anesthesia. Recovery is such an alternate reality. Like being stoned sans drugs day-in, and day-out. When will I get my brain back?

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