Sunday, January 19, 2014


During drought season, drop a brick
down the inside of the toilet tank:
it will displace water—in order to save it.
A neighbor who had no bricks, 
added pebbles: chert, jasper & jade
which tumbled & clogged the flush valve.
She had to fish the rocks out the drain.
If you haven't a spare cobblestone or brick,
a plastic milk jug will do the job nicely.
Fill it with water, add plastic pupfish, 
cat-eyed marbles & fake plants.
Replace the cap. Sky blue is best.
Place your new aquarium in the tank
far from the floatrod & plunger valve. 
No dirty bricks or rocky beachhead
will plug the valve & the desert pupfish
will swim counter-current when you flush
& maybe the sky will open up & let them in.

1/19/2014 rev 2/11 & 24
First brick is in. Flushes just fine. You can take a plastic quart milk jug and fill it with water and place it away from the plunger. No need for bricks or pebbles.

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