Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Willits Bypass notes

There are areas that should not be developed.

Willits is going through turmoil now with Cal Trans building a super highway through an ecologically sensitive area. Old bog meadows under the earthmovers. No doubt, it’s a nightmare getting through Willits, but destroying precious land by moving it is not the answer!

I hate the traffic on 101 but I love going through Willits. Makes you want to stop the car and visit a spell, instead of zipping by at 70mph. Cloverdale was bypassed. Who goes through Cloverdale anymore?

There are reports of the CHP shooting protestors with rubber bullets. Humboldt has the Save the Redwoods League. Who is saving Willits?

Speaking of protestors, who remember Judi Bari (EarthFirst!)? Much of the impetus for Save the Redwoods began in Gurerneville. People chained themselves to the Big Trees in order to save them from evil CalTrans.

Sadly, US 101, AKA the Redwood Corridor—there were redwoods planted along 101 from Petaluma to Windsor—and CalTrans has CUT THEM ALL DOWN! And there was no need—it's like a pathological urge to destroy nature. As bad as the Army Corps of Engineers. There’s plenty of room for widening 101. I won't even mention all the live oaks they cut down between Novato and Petaluma. Even the sacred elms are slated for the saw.

I’m trying to remember my EarthFirst reporter friend's name. I can see his face in my mind's eye. He started out reporting on Judi Bari's involvement, then became a protestor. Then a lover. It was a long time ago. He kept saying: I can’t believe 'm in bed with Maureen Hurley, until I began to feel embarrassed about the whole thing.

Daryl Cheney is still alive and living in Willits—now there's a name I haven't heard in a while. Old growth. Out of the past.

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