Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FB post on Meridel LeSueur, Sharon Doubiago, etc.

TOo good a Facebook thread to toss.

Long ago, and far away. Port Townsend Poetry Conference 1980. Either Sharon Doubiago, Linda Macaluso, or Tobey Kaplan took this photo. I don't think it was Leonard Cirino. I'm listening to Meridel LeSueur. Sitting on the floor at her feet, actually. We crashed the Centrum conference—they tried to bust us, and Meridel said, the California poets stay or I go. Sharon Doubiago read from her new ms, Hard Country—and the rest is history.

Rebecca Cintron Osvold i know u!  that look says "don't let the flower fool ya big guy"

Maureen Hurley Yeah, you're right. Or I'll take ya to the mat. And not in a good way.

Rebecca Cintron Osvold LoL! were u playing blanche du bois at the time? i realize when we met, i was living in a communal house off campus w ricky appelbaum who was rehearsing & then playing stanley kowalski in judy navas' ssu production for quite a long run! or at least for him... he never got over it. as i moved out he stood in the doorway in his wife beater & ragged bathrobe screaming "reBECCa! reBECCA!" glad i left when i did, God rest his soul.

Maureen Hurley Who was the guy who lived in the white farmhouse at the railroad tracks? Was that Ricky? He used to call me the china doll—because I looked so pale and wan. Charles Bukowski was crashing on his couch. Drunk on a gallon of red wine, asking me for a reading, then hitting on me. I kicked the Buk to the curb, hard—I was so pissed off. John Martin of Black Sparrow Press, his publisher, no less, wasn't letting him stay on his couch.

Lyle Daggett The photo is (at the moment anyway) not coming through in the Facebook feed -- I'll visit your page and see if it shows there. However -- from the details you give here, that would have been just a month or so before Sharon D. and I first met, August 1981 in Minneapolis when she was here to (in part) meet w/ John Crawford at West End Press to talk about details of publishing Hard Country. I've heard bits and pieces over the years of Sharon's account of the trip to Port Townsend. * The evening Sharon and I first met, in a living room in south Minneapolis, I asked if I could see some of her poems (a couple of people had been telling me about her earlier that day), she got up and left the room, and came back and plopped the 300-page manuscript of Hard Country in my lap, the pages held together by extra-long brass fasteners. I read the first dozen or so poems in the ms., and I lay back on the couch just blown away, most amazing stuff I'd ever read. One of the great ecstatic moments of my life.

Maureen Hurley Ah, John Crawford—He also published some of my prose in an anthology. House on Via Gombito. Meridel was crucial for that link to happen. BTW, I'm "Lacy Murphy" in some of the later stories w/ Bill Bradd. Sharon was the one who was always encouraging me to write prose.

Lyle Daggett I remember the anthology House on the Via Gombito, though it was published by New Rivers Press (not West End), edited by Madelon Sprengnether and C.W. Truesdale (Bill Truesdale was the founder and publisher of New Rivers Press until he died some years back). Not aware of John Crawford ever having any connection with New Rivers Press, but what do I know? I think I remember the "Lacy Murphy" name. (As far as I know, I've never turned up in any code names in any of Sharon's stories, though I keep wondering if I'll spot myself one day.)

Maureen Hurley Shit, you're right, Lyle. Crossed wires. But I did meet John Crawford. You do know that Joan (LeSueur) Crawford was Meridel's cousin, right? Deborah LeSueur was my neighbor in Forestville for years.

Centa Theresa You need to write the book. Who else has documented the SF Bay Area Poetry scene?

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