Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goldfish —After Frank O'Hara

Last night I dreamed that I put toy goldfish into my hair product. I have a mane of waist-length hair which requires a certain amount of upkeep to keep it from tying itself into gordian knots. I use Citré shine Anti-Frizz serum.

I am not endorsing a product here. Merely mentioning it so you can imagine a clear oval plastic bottle filled a with viscous fluid. Besides Mandarin orange oil spiked silicone gel, the laminating serum has neat's foot oil in it—before a horse show, I used to put a little neat's foot oil on my horse's mane and tail to keep it silky and flowing.

In the dream, I shook the Citré bottle like a snow globe and I marveled how the fish swam and drifted as if suspended by their own volition in the serum.

Of course, I remembered none of this in the morning—my mind was a total blank slate until after I'd showered, and then I rubbed some hair serum on my hair—wondering what had happened to the goldfish.

Then I thought of Frank O'Hara's poem, Why I Am Not a Painter about a friend's painting called Sardines but it had no sardines in it, and how it made Frank write a poem in 12 parts called Oranges —only with no orange or oranges in it.

Like with the goldfish in the hair serum, it's not about drawing parallels, or internal references, it needed something there. Sometimes a fish is just a fish.

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