Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fundraiser for Lagunitas Montessori, Point Reyes Sta. (photo)

I was a featured reader for the Lagunitas Montessori School.
2010 Pt. Reyes Fall Festival fun-raiser for the Lagunitas Montessori School—housed in my old alma mater—Lagunitas Elementary School. A one-school district—aka LSD. (LOL—it was the '60s!) 

Jay and Leora's October Fest at the Pt. Reyes Surf Shop with the whole crew from the San Geronimo Valley Montessori program. 

Can't remember this guy's name—but he lives in Dogtown (I think) and we seemed to know everybody in common. Ah, West Marin, my heartland, my anim cara.

added 4/24/2016 

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