Friday, April 2, 2010

NaPoWriMo #2 RWP

The rhythmic wave process
slapping against the hull
of consciousness
lulled me to sleep
the way a lullaby lingers
in the crenellations of the ear
that fuzzy divide between waking and REM.
I remember my aunt Toddy
one sticky summer afternoon
sitting in the cool basement doorjamb
rocking me to Brahm's Lullaby
as I read Allingham's Up the Airy Mountain
Down the rushy glen, we daren't go a hunting…
I divided my attention between
the unaccustomed luxury of lap,
and the rhythmic realm of fairyfolk
amid the sonorous drone of flies
and yellowjackets dangling a striped benediction.
In my small world there was still no division
between time present and its mythic counterpart;
there were no rigid wave patterns between
the world of make believe
and the real world problems.

napowrimo #2: the ol’ acronym switcheroo

If you love acronyms as I do, your mind has already shortened “Read Write Poem” into “RWP.” But the three letters RWP form known acronyms for at least 31 other phrases, including “Random Weird Person” and “Right Wing Pundits.”

Today’s writing prompt is to type the letters RWP into the abbreviation search field at Acronym Attic and write a poem inspired in any way by one or more of the resulting phrases. You don’t have to use the words from the phrase in your poem, but you can if they fit. GLWI (Good Luck With It)!

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