Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Silly Poem

A silly poem for a silly kitten
who madly grabs the carpet
and throunces the corner
and thumps it within an inch of its life
until it begs for mercy
but the kitten has lost interest
and is peering at me
with that crazed look in his eye
and he races off to the kitchen
colliding with the cabinet
where the catfood hides.
He thwacks the door a few times
the rubberband taut between the knobs
holds and twangs like a Jewsharp
but the kitten gallops off again,
tail arched like an Arabian horse,
to attack poor old Nellie the cat,
caught napping, she hisses
and swats him down into place
but he's undaunted
and she enters into the fray
batting a piece of paper like a pingpong ball,
she's playing for both teams,
she scores a goal at both ends of the hall,
she pirouettes while he watches on
with a practiced bored expression
on his little kitten face. He yawns,
and curls up on my laptop for a nap.

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