Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrating Health Care Reform on Facebook

It's only 4:20 (alors!) but I'm having a pint o' chardonnay w/ my egg salad samwich to celebrate the health care bill passing. We've finally entered into the 20th century—better a century late, than never.

Here's to Mother Jones & all the Irish American women suffragettes who fought for social reform—from founding of labor unions to free public education to birth control to to medical care. Sláinte agaibh! Think I'll have ice cream for dinner. What wine to pair with it? Decisions, decisions.

Katelin writes that I should poach pears in a wine and spice mix (vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, apple juice - whatever is in the cupboard at the time) when done, to make a reduction with the leftovers, absolute heaven with vanilla ice cream.

Oooh, I have a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck Cabernet & some fat pears from Costco, Neil's bringing the French Vanilla ice cream from TJs. It's a plan. I ask Katelin, should I remove the labels from the pears? Katelin tells me: peel those babies, please!

So the ice cream perched on the poached pear halves looks a bit like the Sydney Opera house, do I need a passport/visa to Oz in order to eat this just dessert?

Note to self: next time don't toss in the whole Meyer lemon, just the zest.

Katelin asks; How much chardonnay, again? You may be Irish, but you cook like a Frenchwoman.

I reply, I only drink what's in the neck. Well you know Brittany is Celtic, after all...

Katelin: Cherchez la femme. Takes one to know one. Bon appetit!

French vanilla ice cream does taste much better with wine. Perhaps a wine float for dessert? Does this count as drunk posting while flacebrooking?

Katelin replies: what the hell are you going to float it on, woman? I have always heard the Irish had high tolerance. I have have a lot of Scot, so canna say

Zana drops in and comments: Did you two make it home ok?

Hhaha! It all started out wrong like a dog eating catfood— yesterday morning when another friend suggested Jack Daniels & pickle juice for brekkie as my friend Alexander was out of coffee... I never quite recovered my proper senses after that imagined assault.

That, and with Zana's beer can decorated scarecrow sitting at the edge of the woods on the loo, my mind was utterly deja-voodooed & warped. I did, however, have a glass of whine at 4:20pm, I did make pears poached in you-know-what—but truth be known, I'm such a pantywaist lightweight, I never could drink much. Not even in high school on a dare and not even Irish whiskey.

I drank too much vodka once with Sue Barry & Sue Williams out at Taylor Park circa 1967 and had a 3-day hangover, that was the end of my drinking career. It was years before I could even look at orange juice. Bless the gallant young stranger who held me upright as I puked in the bushes. But yesterday was such a fun thread, we were all on a roll, I didn't want to disrupt it. I'm still tittering. This is good.

Zana replies: I hear you. I had to give up lemon cream rinse in my hair back in the 70's after a long round of tequila. I also found out my newly aquired spanish words shouldn't be repeated.

Lin Marie chimes in: Hilarious! I am making a toast to you all! Clink!

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