Saturday, February 6, 2010

Queen Mary Scottish Festival in Long Beach

Yo my LA Peeps: I will be teaching kids silkpainting and spinning Celtic tales at the Queen Mary Scottish Festival in Long Beach on 2/13 & 14; and Neil O'Neill will be headlining! We get to sleep on the ship too!

I will be sad to miss my annual Sonoma State Art from the Heart opening and art auction on Feb 13. My NorCAL Peeps: go forth and buy my silk painting for a lot of money—it supports the SSU Art Gallery. Tell Carla Stone NON & Mo sentcha!

February 6

Other news: My Sonoma State University classmate Doug Powell wins $100,000 Tufts Poetry Award for "Chronic." Who says poetry doesn't pay? Last time I saw Doug was at a SFSU reading in 2003ish.

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