Friday, September 11, 2009


 (Partho's class)

Partho says write a poem to your soul
or let your soul write a poem to you.
Tibetan music plays across wavering fans
like an echo of laughing meditation.
Sabut—like writing a poem, or a personal chi.
Let the subtle attention of the body guide you.
She is a wave, the sea is blindfolded.

And so I said to the ravens of the soul
be not death, but understanding
which shall be the light 
that comes unbidden from within.

The odor of ripe peaches
the song of Tibetan bells
and the depths of the sea
resonate from within.

I said, we know so little,
what we can hope for, so much.
One lifetime is not enough to contain
the beauty of one raven's feather.

For love and hope come unbidden
to agitate the heart into action, into verb.
For without love, and without hope
there is only the darkness of the bird.

Behind every face 
of every underground train of thought
the growing terror 
blooming in dark gardens 
of fear and mistrust
will eat away 
at the edges of your soul
that which shines 
in the darkness of night.

Take the song of water
and let it bathe you.

And so I said to my soul
be not blue, 
but the blueness of sky
without smoke, 
without fire.

Be not blank pages
but fill each page 
fill your life with experience and love
then, hope will find you

9/2009 La Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara

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