Friday, September 11, 2009



Sandstone cliffs clothed in toyon & oak
long for the sea, but content themselves 
with a tidepool of a sky overhead.

Woodpeckers flash vermillion 
and white wings against the sky,
and greet each other with raucous intent.

A confession of clouds gathers.
Even the sun is afraid
on this dry stretch of coastline.

Smoke finds its way
over the ridges
transverse fault lines.

Sea-dreaming sandstone
fossil love languishing
on the heights of San Marcos.

The distant sea amid the trees
a balcony view of 

Orcas in the Straits—
fins break the sea
like slick mountain ranges.

Sandstone dreams longingly 
of the depths of the sea.

Cadence of desire
dive into the village of the sun
I will rise, I will rise.

Smoke calling me home.

9/2009 La Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara
rev 7/13

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