Monday, August 24, 2009

My Life According to (POET) LESSON PLAN

I got a fun poetry "weegie" writing idea from Lorna Dee Cervantes who got it from Shesshu Foster on Facebook. When I first began teaching with CPITS, I used a lot of random cut up writing and word gambling to break up old writing patterns. Word cards, six books and dice, blind Biblical scrying for answers, 8-ball answers, tarot cards, and eavesdropping.

Here’s an updated exercise in a similar vein. You could also use first lines of poems, or several poets—including students. Feel free to break the rules. The only allegiance you owe is to the poem itself.

Using poem titles (or first lines) from one poet, (choose a poet important to you—who is your muse?) and answer the questions using their titles—use as many books as you like.

My Life According to (POET)

Are you a male or female?
Describe yourself:
How do you feel
Describe where you currently live:
If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Your favorite form of transportation:
What's the weather like:
Favorite time of day:
Your relationships:
Your fear:
What is the best advice you have to give:
If you could change your name, it would be:
Your soul's present condition:

Donna Chamion:My Life According to Neruda

Old women of the shore
a certain weariness
sonata with some pine trees
goodbye to Paris
dreams of trains
autumn testament
day light with night key
furious struggle between seamen and an octopus of colossal size
through a closed mouth the flies enter
sweetness, always
oh, such bottomless Saturdays!

Maureen Hurley: My Life According to Kinnell

I am the last river
Lost loves. Some song
Fossils. The old life
Two set out on their journey
Another night in the ruins
Vapor trail reflected in the frog pond
The last hiding place of snow
Testament of the thief
There are things I tell no one
Daybreak. Cemetery angels
The road between here and there
The past. The waking
How many nights...

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