Monday, September 19, 2005


SUE: How’s it over there?

BOB: Pretty good.

DAVE: I found a really good patch. Handfuls of berries.

SUE: Really? Where are you?

DAVE: To your right. More.

SUE: Keep on talking. I still. can’t see you.

DAVE: I’ll rattle the bushes, OK?

BOY: Aooooo!

LORA: What was that?

SUE: It’s just the boy.

LORA: Are there any bears here?

DAVE: Naw, not yet

Not bad, kid Scared the shit outa me, they’re working their way down. Already got ‘em in Sonoma.

SUE: I still can’t see any of you. Rattle the bush again. Thanks.


DAVE: Wait. I didn’t rattle any bush. Did you?, would you? Sweet too. I’m coming over. playing around.Won’t be long now. Grrrr!Where are you?

BOY: Grrrr!

SUE: Over here. Are you moving around. How come you rattled it
from a different place? You trying to get me lost?

DAVE: But I didn’t move. And bushes. Can you see them? Do it again looking DAVE: Hey, Italking. I still Do it again Da I missed it. Man this wood’s thick. A fire waiting to haappen. the coa

hick. A fire waiting to happen like Inverness Ridge.

LORA: THink he wa guilty?

DAVE: Who?

LORA: OJ Simpson of course.

DAVE: What brought that on?

LORA: The fire. It was during the trial. We were stuck a week in this camp and the only news we got was the fire and the trial.

whole at Camp Mendocino Woodlands on Not bad.

hey, has anyone hear Bob lately?

BOB: I can’t get through. The brush is way too thick. I gotta go around. Dang! I lost my watch. You gotta watch out for sinkholes too. Next time bring a machete.

on yetYeah I do. We gotts head back, it’s nearly sunset. Hfrom Everyone move west, towards the light. Stay in pairs.