Sunday, February 14, 1999

Valentine orphans (art) (no date)

Valentine orphans (art) (no date)


In an attempt to ameliorate what I do have scanned, or have photos of, I'm in the process of adding art to my blog, posting most work in a given year on Dec 1 of that year, and valentines, on VD!

I'm trying to figure out when I did the tulip pastel, as it has a floppy disk in it! I'm guessing 95-97. Ditto with the pastel self-portrait. I was feeling a bit blue.... I know where it was drawn, in Forestville, which means it's probably from before 1997.

LOL I caught my characteristic right eye half-lidded droop. It's a lazy little bastard, always shirking its duty, I finally resorted to extensive eye tests at UC Berkeley, and discovered it's more of a brain thing....which means I have to wear glasses to correct it...circular file.

I had won a massive double-decker Derwent pastel color pencil set from Riley Street and was test-driving the pencils,  getting the hang of the medium. The tulips was my first ever pastel on black paper, and this is my 2nd attempt to see what all the fuss was about with pencil pastels. Ultimately they're too refined for my taste (but good for adding detail), I like a more painterly approach. Messy, chaotic, really get into it. After, all I used to eat my mother's white paint, expecting it to be vanilla ice cream.

I'm uncovering a lot of old scanned art photos as I add bits to fill out my blog. Wish I had dated it.These pieces have me stymied as to date.


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