Sunday, September 6, 1987

HIDDEN LOGIC (Random Access)

1. Why it took so long to leave and get back
bears testament to the tenacity of astronomers
racing for a mystery, who worry over a rare look
at the Milky Way's inner secrets, and like clairvoyants,
they focus on the trivial magic of a planet
nursery, or the one that got away.
We may solve or witness the speed of morning light
as we board the remains of a ship
to watch the future play itself out like a giant harp.
Inside a comet's tail 500 light years away,
the notion of comprehensive life may be a lark.
Man seems destined to serve time
somewhere for his rapacity.

Who wants to halt the sale of front row seats
for a chance to win an emerald mine in guerilla territory?
Bring out the lions. Little remains of the next frontier.
When taking chances, strike for sleep or death.
It is the same thing as building worlds of crystal.

And who hasn't entertained ideas
of having taken Paris by storm
or wishing they'd slept on a train
New Orleans bound, or finding
a passage home for sunken ships
from the Bermuda Triangle?
They still seem like good ideas.

When there was a glove shortage in Hollywood
we collected shadows, stray bullets, laundry lists,
and talked of strange events like Einstein's Theory
or nude girls who start riots at airpoirts.
At the movies, it's not the woman with the golden
irrisistable charm who gets the last laugh.
The latest news of breast reduction strips us bare.
There are other secret lists.
We leave our notion of beauty and call
it everything but imperialism.

2. After a night in a hollow tree struck by lightning,
it hurt to feel my dream, a prisoner
of the morning cup of coffee,
yet you save your life by
sampling the farm-raised local delicacies.
Puberty arrived before the mail in Paris.

You'd better find another way out of the country
or face false charges for smuggling
opium-filled artifacts.
Democracy leads rebels to their deaths.
One slip could decide the manner
in which you live or die. Ask the Rosenbergs.
How lovely, this green made for springtime.

In the creole tradition,
when talking with the dead, remember
voodoo priestess send messages
with more compassion than magic
and it is good because laughter
is a sign of forgiveness.

Beneath the sea, rain disrupts the promise
of spring, and in the form of singing fish,
the dead roar back to life, finding a passage
that lures the curious like distant memories.
The world's hidden logic is another aspect
of Carnival and the infinite possibility
of an inquiring mind is riding high
on the blues in overtime
because there are patterns for everything.

Sept. 1987? 88?
If Wofitbuta, then September, 87?
original is dot matrix.
part 2, new poem?